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2mm Spacing = BIG Savings

With our “Dieverse” construction and specialized steel made exclusively for ODI, cavities can be mounted to the board with only 2mm of space between them.

This allows for the most efficient material utilization in the industry, and has saved our customers many millions of dollars over the years.

  • The same number of plies can be cut per cycle, and there is no impact on accuracy.

Changes Made Easy

“Dieverse” construction developed by ODI has the cavities braced and mounted on top of the board.

This allows them to be quickly reconfigured, replaced, repaired etc. on-site without the need for a new board.

  • Need to move a nick? Add a slit? Simply remove the affected cavities, make the change and replace
  • Whole new pattern? Replace only the cavities affected
  • Found a better layout? Move cavities around as much as you like
  • Repair a damaged cavity immediately
  • Reconfigure cavities on-site within hours
  • Speed up delivery by replacing only the cavities that change
  • Avoid routing new boards altogether
  • High material yield from 2mm spacing
  • Start with a set or two, and add only as needed
  • Don’t wait for pattern freezes before getting dies – realize material and operating savings from day one
  • Buy changed cavities only
  • Reuse boards
  • Eliminate in-house routing costs



Ontario Die International is a global company with offices located around the world including Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Czech Republic.


  • Chamber of Commerce Award of Excellence
  • GTO 9000 Quality Award
  • Canadian Awards for Business Excellence
  • Lear Corporation Supplier Hall of Fame Finalist