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A Steel Rule die is made from pre-hardened and pre-sharpened die steel set into a die board to maintain the nesting orientation. It has a low to medium dimensional tolerance. The die height ranges from 23.8 to 50mm (.937 to 2.0 inches).

It is used for large parts or parts with large production runs and is typically used in an incremental cutting system. It can handle one or many layers of material depending on the material thickness and the height of the rule in the die.

Steel rule dies manufactured by ODI are making substantial contributions to the success of die cutting programs in automotive leather cutting, tri-laminate, leather goods, textile, plastic, rubber, and foam parts industries throughout the world.

We use only the finest materials in the fabrication of all of our tools. Customized die boards have been developed and produced exclusively for our cutting dies, and VIKING-TEX serrated edge steel – a revolutionary new concept in cutting dies – is also available.

ODI is able to produce premium quality dies of any size and any complexity to your specific requirements. To ensure the absolute best designs and layouts are achieved, we offer a complete technical service with our complementary nesting system for the automotive and furniture industries. From the initial design stage through the final steps of manufacturing, all of our people are highly skilled with extensive backgrounds in die cutting, and a proud commitment to excellence.

Year after year, our engineering innovations continue to improve output and maximize profits for all our customers.

At ODI, we don’t just sell dies…we sell solutions.



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